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Volunteers Needed for Andover Historical Society School Program

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

The Andover Historical Society is looking for new volunteers to join us as part of our annual school program, Andover at Work in the 1820s.  Each year over 600 third and fifth grade students visit the Andover Historical Society throughout May and June to participate in a 2 hour engaging and interactive tour.  This program requires a large crew of volunteers to lead fun and engaging activities based on life in the 1820s.

Andover at Work in the 1820s immerses students in the atmosphere of early nineteenth century Andover, giving them an opportunity to become historical Andover citizens and engage in actions and occupations of the past through hands-on activities.  After assuming the identity of a historic Andover residents, dressing for their roles, and reviewing a historic map of Andover, students visit several stations throughout the Historical Society that tell the story of how a community worked together in the 1820s.

While visiting the Andover Historical Society, students view life like it would have been in the 1820s at the home of Amos Blanchard, the cashier at the Andover Bank, whose home was also open to boarders from Phillips Academy.  Students are lead by education volunteers wearing reproduction period costumes as they journey into the past and see how our community has changed.  Students stop to grind spices for the midday meal in the kitchen and practice their best manners in the parlor.  After visiting the barn to collect eggs and see what work was done throughout the seasons, students learn to barter and trade at the general store.  At the print shop, students lend a hand and use a historic printing press.  As an example of a community working together, students join a bucket brigade to help save a neighbor’s home from fire, and they see one of the first fire engines, an 1829 Hunneman Hand Tub.  During Andover at Work in the 1820s students, learn about how their town worked as a community and how each individual played an integral role in ensuring that the community thrived.

Without children, Andover at Work in the 1820s would not be possible, but without a crew of dedicated education volunteers, Andover at Work in the 1820s would not be a cornerstone program of the Andover Historical Society and a significant educational resource in Andover.

The Andover Historical Society is hosting two open house tours for people interested in learning more about volunteering for the annual school program Andover at Work in the 1820s.   To learn more about this opportunity, staff at the Historical Society will be hosting tours on March 26th and April 3rd at 10:00 a.m11:00 a.m.  During the open house tours, interested individuals will learn about the volunteer schedule and what takes place during the school program.

Andover at Work in the 1820s runs almost daily May 1st – June 15th from 9:30-11:30 a.m.  Andover at Work in the 1820s is a flexible volunteer opportunity for people who enjoy working with children and have an interest in local history.  Volunteers for Andover at Work in the 1820s will receive thorough training and opportunities for continued learning.  For questions regarding becoming a volunteer for the school program Andover at Work in the 1820s, contact Museum Educator, Debbie DeSmet at 978-475-2236.


Student’s have fun at the Historical Society!

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The reviews are in and Andover at Work in the 1820’s is a success!  Students from24 visiting 3rd grade classes from Andover schools have told us how much fun they had while visiting the Andover Historical Society.  With more students visiting this year than ever before, it took a large team of dedicated and talented volunteers to run this 30 year old program.


Thanks to all the volunteers, students, parents, and teachers that participated in this season of Andover at Work in the 1820s. 




Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


Can You GUESS WHO this is??????



It’s Jim Redmond!!!  What a great drawing by a former Andover at Work participant.  He really enjoyed a tour from our expert guide. 

Just a quick shout out to say Thank You Jim for helping plan and prepare for the Andover at Work training meeting this morning!  We appreciate all you do for the Andover Historical Society.  We had a great showing of volunteers to learn about the Andover at Work program.  If you couldn’t make it to the training meeting come and shadow during the school program which starts on April 27th and runs until June 10th. 

If you are interested in becoming involved with our school programs please contact or call 978-475-2236.


Andover at Work is here!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

We would like to thank Jim Redmond and Jane Cairns for helping clean and prepare the barn for our upcoming program Andover at Work.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

The Spring Andover at Work program will begin soon and we are still looking for volunteers.  Andover at Work is a two hour hands on workshop designed to meet the Massachusetts third grade curriculum standards. This workshop gives students a chance to travel back in time to 1830s Andover where they leave their 21st century life behind and take on the role of one of Andover’s prominent 19th century citizens. Students learn about daily life and the varying occupations held by Andover citizens in the early 19th century.  As students visit the Amos Blanchard house they  stop in the kitchen to help the house keeper prepare and preserve food, gather eggs from the barn and bring them to trade at the general store, stop in and visit the print shop for the latest copy of the towns newspaper, and help the Friendly Fire Fighting Association put out a fire!  This a great experience for students and volunteers.

We will be holding a training session at the Andover Historical Society on April 7th at 10:30 a.m. to review the Andover at Work program.   If you are interested and would like to attend or have any question please contact Debbie DeSmet at or call 978-475-2236.


Over 25 years and running strong.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

For over 25 years the Andover Historical Society has brought Andover’s history to life for to Andover students through the Andover at Work program. dsc_0371Currently every spring and fall we see over 550 Andover students. With the spring weather comes field trip season and for every third grader in Andover’s public schools comes a field trip to the Andover Historical Society. This spring AHS will be visited by Sanborn Elementary, West Elementary, South Elementary, and Satin Augustans School from May 1st- June 12th.


1853 Ballardvale Fire Pumper

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The 19th century Hunneman fire pumper needed a gentle dusting after a long winter.

Thursday, April 30th, Life Long Learning Committee Chair Jim Redmond spent the morning dusting off the 1853 fire pumper that resides in the Blanchard Barn. The fire pumper is a highlight of the Andover at Work 5th grade program that kicked off Friday, May 1st.   500 students participate in the Andover at Work program each year.


Jim demonstrates his curatorial dusting technique and the dirt that had settled onto the pumper.


The fire pumper was made by the William Cooper Hunneman Company of West Roxbury, Mass.  Its first use was as Cambridge No. 1 in Cambridge, Mass.  In 1859 the pumper was purchased by J. Putnam Bradlee for the Bradlee Mills in Ballardvale in south Andover.  Where it was in use until 1900.



After a gentle cleaning, the dramatic red and gold paint really shines through!

After a long winter, the fire pumper needed to be dusted off in preparation for spring and summer programming.  After a short training with Director Elaine Clements, Jim spent time carefully clearing away the spider webs and dust that had accumulated on the pumper.


Thank you, Jim, for all your hard work!


History is Fun!!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

dsc_03011Andover at Work Volunteer Training

For the past 25 years the Andover Historical Society has run Andover at Work, a hands-on interactive educational program for students in Andover’s public schools. Each spring and fall Andover’s third graders make their annual trip to the Historical Society. Over 500 hundred students experience this wonderful program each year!


The Andover at Work program allows students to become characters from Andover’s past, stepping back in time to experience what it may have been like to live in 1820. Students visit a historic kitchen, tour a historic house, visit a ‘country store’ and print shop, and even learn how to put out fires in the days before fire trucks!


This program is only possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteers who donate their time and expertise to run this wonderful program.Training for volunteers will be Friday April 17, 2009 from 10:00-12:00 at the Andover Historical Society.


Come see what it’s all about, bring a friend or just stop in and learn how you can become part of our team!!