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My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: September 3 – 4

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016
View of Boulogne, France

View of Boulogne, France

Friday, Sept. 3.


Started out with a lot to do. Abe got some money at Cook’s, and then we went into Brentanos(?) and bought some books. Then we went into the Louvre for 2 hours and finished that up. Saw some fine modern paintings. Luc at Durval’s. Bought some postals and Dale got his films. Then we went out to Napoleon’s tomp, Chamber of Deputies and Arc de Triumphe Dandy view of city from top. Met Pat Barton. Boins(?) de Boulogne and back to our hotel by the under ground (very good). Sported up. Dinner at Durval’s. Called at the Hotel St. Pères but M on Miss Fanny Stevas(?) and Mrs. Kumkardt(?) but they were out. Walk and bus home. Fine day.

Saturday, Sept. 4.

Paris, Boulogne, “Ryndam”

Early breakfast. Then all except Thayer got a hair cut and we packed up our suitcases. Took a walk to the P.O. but nobody got a letter. Came back and got lunch at a nearby Durval’s. then took a taxi to the Gare du Nord. Found Miss Fanny Stevens waiting for us there and we had a talk with her. at 12:33 we left for Boulogne. Dandy train. no stops. We were 1st class. Got to Boulogne at about 3:30 in a pouring rain and got aboard the Tender. Big crowd. Rough weather. Boarded the Ryndam about 4:30 and secured our seats at table and steamer chair.