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My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 18 – 19

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
View of St. Mark's Basilica (St. Mark's Cathedral in transcription) from piazza

View of St. Mark’s Basilica (St. Mark’s Cathedral in transcription) from Piazza San Marco

Wednesday, August 18th

Milan, Venice

Left Milan at 7:45 for Venice Good train with no 3rd class but we didnt get seats. Very fast trip but extremely hot and dusty. Through typical Italian scenery. Got to Venice at 12:30 and took a canal boat up the grand canal to Zaccaria(?), the station right opposite our hotel, the Aurora. The Aurora is not much good. Got lunch at a restaurant on the Merceria. Only fair. After lunch we walked about awhile and then went into St. Mark’s cathedral. Very different from the others. Byzantine style. Very highly decorated. After about an hour in the cathedral we took the steamer for the Lido, an island about 2 miles away. Went to the fine baths there and enjoyed a swim in the Adriatic Sea. The water was very warm and nice. It was late when we got through so we took supper at the Lido restaurant. Very good. It had been very hot all day, but a little breeze came up in the evening, and we had a nice cool ride home in the steamer. Walked down the Merceria, and looked in all the fascinating shops. Venice certainly is an interesting and fascinating city. Went to bed fairly early. I did not sleep well. A little attack of constipation.

Interior view of St. Mark's Basilica

Interior view of St. Mark’s Basilica

Thursday, August 19th


Got up late. A small breakfast at the hotel. We started out to hunt up a doctor. Took a gondola and went to Rialto ^Went through a glass-ware store. Found the doctor we were after was away, So we came back of the Grand Canal and visited Cook’s. They told us of another English doctor, and after a short ride on the Canal and a long hunt we found him He was very nice and pleasant. He fixed me up all right, but we didn’t leave till 1:30. I took a lay off in the P.M. while the others visited St. Mark’s again and got my medicine for me. I took a short walk out into the gardens. The others came back about 5 and we went to the Lido again and had another good swim in the Adriatic Sea. Got back to St. Mark’s at 7:15 and took a gondola ride to the Rialto Bridge. Fine time to ride. We then visited the post office and had dinner at the Vapore Restaurant. Not much good. After dinner we took a short walk, bought some postals, and went to bed. Very comfortable night.