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My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 30 – September 2

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
Drawing of Chillon Castle, by John Radford Abbot

Drawing of Chillon Castle, by John Radford Abbot

Monday, August 30

Montreux, Paris.

Breakfast. Abe got some money and bought the tickets to Paris and then we walked down to Chillon Castle and went through the place. Saw the prison of Bonivard(?), etc. Then we bought some biscuits and fruit and honey to eat on the train, got a dandy lunch at the Suisse(?) Hotel restaurant, and then took the 2:09 train for Paris. It was rather crowded but we had good seats all the way. Passed through the French customs at Ponterlier(?). Ate our supper. Very messy but fine. Very funny and amusing ride. Got locked into the compertment. Got to Paris at 11 o’clock and took a bus to the Hotel Moderne, Place de la Republique (very good)

Tuesday, August 31

Paris (Eiffel Tower)

Started out after breakfast to find another hotel nearer the centre of things, but we could find [word crossed out and unreadable] no good place so we decided to stay where we were. We had visited the P.O. first and got our mail Came back and got settled and then wend down town and got luch lunch at Durval’s (dandy place) In the P.M. we took the steam tram out to the Eiffel Tower and went up in the elevator. Grand view of the city. After half an hour or more we descended, walking part way. Dinner at a Durval’s and then a walk along the Rue de Rivoli and the boulevad before going back to the hotel.

Wednesday, Sept. 1.

Paris (Louvre, Versailles)

Left our suits to be pressed first, we had sent out our wash yesterday, and then went down to the Louvre. Went through the sculpture rooms and ancient paintings, with just a glimpse at the modern ones which we left for another time. Very interesting Lunch at Durval’s. Then went out to Versailles by tram went through the palace and saw all the gardens. Very interesting war pictures in the palace. Came back to Paris on top of a train and took a taxi across the city to our hotel. Went like the dickens. Dinner at a swell café and a walk before bed time.

Thursday Sept. 2.

Paris (Notre Dame, Luxemburg(?))

Wore our newly pressed suits. I got some money on my letter of credit at a nearby place but had a mighty hard time. Then we went to Notre Dame saw the beautiful interior and went up on top, then visited the beautiful Saint Chapelle. Lunch at Durval’s. After lunch we went through the Luxemburg gallery of ^modern sculpture and paintings. Very fine pictures. Then shopping at the Bon Marché and Grand Majasian(?) du Louvre. Dinner at Durval’s. Went right back to the hotel to write our last letters. To bed late. Fine weather all the time so far in Paris.