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My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 16 – 17

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015
View of Airolo, c. 1890-1900

View of Airolo, c. 1890-1900

Monday, August 16th

Furkablick, Airolo, Milan

Got up early and got started at 7:35. Walked down the Furka Pass to Hospenthal(?) and there turned into the St. Gotthard Pass. After going up that 6 miles we came to the Hotel Prosa(?) and got lunch there. Not very good. Started out again at 2:05 down the pass to Airolo. The road takes 36 windings but we went by short cuts. Got a wonderful view of Airolo and the valley halfway down. Took the 3:56 train from Airolo down to Lugano(?), arriving at 7:32. Very slightly ride wutger several loop-the-loop tunnels etc. We said goodbye to Chuggie at Lugano(?) and after eating dinner at the station restaurant we boarded the 8:30 train, getting to Milan at 10:30. Very comfortable ride. 2nd class. On our arrival we walked over to Bellini’s(?) Hotel [] and engaged rooms. It was very hot in Milan that night and we nearly roasted although we didn’t have any bed clothes on. We had covered about 50 miles on our walking trip, and we have walked about 75 miles altogether in Switzerland.

Main Piazza and Cathedral of Milan, c. 1909

Main Piazza and Cathedral of Milan, c. 1909

Tuesday, August 17th


Slept till late. After breakfast we went down to Cook’s about our suit cases and then up to the station. We had to go through a lot of red tape to get them but we finally did after an hour. Took them right over to the hotel and arranged for baths for the party. We felt better after a bath and change of clothing. Didnt get down to lunch till about 1:30. In the P.M. we visited the cathedral. It is not so imposing outside as Cologne, although there is some wonderful fancy work, upwards of 2,000 statues on the outside. The inside is also full of wonderful work. By paying 25 cts. apiece we were allowed to go up on the roof where we got a splendid view of the city. We spent a long time up there. It was a most interesting sight. We then took a tram car at the square and rode out to the cemetary. It was full of very large and expensive tomb stone and monuments. We didnt think much of it as a cemetary. Rode back to the square and got some fine ice cream. Walked back to the hotel through the arcades and got dinner. Sat around in the garden awhile and then went to bed.


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 14 – 15

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
Drawing of Matterhorn by John Radford Abbot, 1909

Drawing of the Matterhorn, by John Radford Abbot

Saturday, August 14th

Guttanmen(?), Furhablick(?)

Intended to have breakfast at 7 but didn’t till 8:15. Mighty good hotel food and lodging. About 6 francs apiece for lodging and 2 meals. We got started at 9:10. We took it rather easily, stopping every now and then at points of interest or a brook. Our first stop was at the wonderful Hamdeck(?) Falls. After 6 or 7 miles we came to the Grimsel(?) Hospiz(?), 3 miles by the road from the top of the Grimsel Pass (7000ft) we turned to the left and started out to do some mt. climbing to avoid the zigzags of the road. It was steep but interesting work. We soon came to snow and had more than one snow ball fight. Even though it was late, in stead of regaining the road, we decided to climb to  the top of the mt. we were on and get the view. After some more steep climbing we got to the summit. Chug had a pretty hard time. The view was superb. We could see both the Grimsel and Furka passes from many miles, snow capped peaks all around, the beautiful Rhone glacier and the little narrow mt. stream that finally becomes the Rhone. In the distance, we could see the Matterhorn. Thayer, Abe, and Dale went on to another peak to get a better view of the glacier. We reached the summit of our mt. (8,700ft.) the Näglisgrat(?) at 2 and started to descend again at 3:15 We were hungry then, having had nothing to eat since breakfast The descent was very steep and the most exciting climbing we have done yet. It took us about ½ an hour to get down one slope of 25 yds. The descent from the top of the Grimsel to Gletch(?) is very steep anyway and the road zigzags a lot. but we went by still steeper short cuts, getting to Gletch(?) a little after 4. We all had complés(?) at the Rhone Glacier Hotel. Leaving Gletch at 5:15 we continued along the valley besides the river Rhone to the bottom of the glacier, where we got a splendid view of one of the largest and best glaciers in Switzerland, and then turned up and started up the bed of a mt. torrant(?) to the zigzag road. Steepest cuts yet. We went 1 mile [word crossed out and unreadable] and hour. We got to our hotel, the Furkablick at 7:30. It is very good. In the P.M. the wind rose and the dust was fierce

Sunday August 15th


We got up about 8 and had breakfast at 8:30. It was the finest day we have had yet, perfectly clear with a cloudless blue sky. Before setting out we determined to walk back to the top of the pass and get a view of the Alps. The view was great of the Finsteraahom(?) and the Bermese Alps and the upshot of it was that we decided to stay over that day and climb a mt. While at the Furka I collected 21 different kinds of flowers and later saw several others. We went back to the hotel and got lunches put up. Chug stayed at the hotel and the rest of us started out towards the Matterhorn. We skirted a glacier and then started to climb up a very steep gully over sliding rocks. Thayer and I got up aways and found it too steep to climb, so had to return slowly and carefully. We ate our lunch at the bottom and then went back to the hotel Furka to start out afresh. Climbed the Blumberg, a mt. composed almost entirely of loose rocks and then went on to a peak higher up, about 10,000 ft. Wonderful view of all the Alps, including Mt. Blanc. When we went back to the Blumberg, we found Chug on top. He had had a hard climb. Descended and got a complé at the hotel about 4. Sat around till dinner at 7:50. Went to bed early.


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 12 – 13

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015
Oberhofen, Switzerland

Oberhofen, Switzerland

Thursday, August 12th


9:30 breakfast. We decided to spend the day writing letters etc. and getting ready from tomorrow. I took my suit out to be pressed right after breakfast. We had a wonderful swim at 11:15. After dinner I was writing a letter when in came Dale with Chuggie(?). Gosh we were glad to see him. He had a bed put in the room with Thayer and I and them we all went in for another swim. It was great. We spent a good part of the afternoon trying to decide on our future plans, about snow mountains etc. but we didnt get anywhere. I got my suit back at 6 o’clock and Chuggie had his boots fixed. He is going to walk with us, and we hope he will stay with us to Milan anywhere. We has supper outside, sitting right next the band. The tunes were ancient but good, and we enjoyed it very much. After dinner there was the bug Thursday night dance. I wrote awhile and then watched the dancing. It [word crossed out and unreadable] stopped about 11:30 and then we had refreshments. [word crossed out and unreadable] Chuggie had gone to bed earlier but the rest of us did not get to our rooms till 12:15 and then we had to do some packing for to morrow. Thayer and I got to bed at 1.



Friday, August 13th

Oberhofen, Interlaken, Guttamen(?)

We were waked up this morning at 6:30 pretty early we thought. We had to get packed, both rucksacks and suit cases before breakfast at 7:30. I returned our jam jar and got 10 centries(?) and Chug got his shoes. After breakfast the whole 8 of us went down to the wharf and took 8:29 boat. Uncle Sam, Aunt Amy, and Caroline left us a Spiez(?). They were off for Montreux(?) and Paris. The rest of us continued on in the boat to Interlaken. Spent about an hour there, checked our suit cases to Milan, and bought some peaches and crackers. Took the boat at the Brilnz(?) station and went up the lake to Briaz(?), arriving at 1. Took the train from there to Meiringen(?), 7½ miles. 1st class train. At Meiringen(?) we interviewed a guide about climbing the Dammastock(?), 11,920 ft., but found it impracticable, so decided to keep on. Started out from Meiringen(?) at 2:30 over the Grimsel(?) Pass. It cost 1 fr. to go through the gorge but we avoided that by a little foot path near by Got a fine view of the gorge from above. Had a ½ hour rest beside a stream and then continued on to Guttanmen(?), 10 miles from Meiringen(?). It is a very small, typical Swiss mountain village. No R.R. The Hasithal(?) is a dandy clean little hotel and very cheap. 1½ fr. for bed and 2½ for dinner Fine rooms with electric lights. After a good dinner we walked out a bought a lot of little things at the store. I lost my cap somewhere and bought a new hat at Innerthirchen(?) for two francs. Good day and hot.

Grimsel Pass

Grimsel Pass


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 9 – 11

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015
View of Stockhorn (Stodehorn in transcription)

View of Stockhorn (Stodehorn in transcription)

Monday, August 9th

Oberhofen [Thun(?)]

Thayer and I were waked up by a corking old thunder shower. We dressed and got to breakfast at 9:30. After breakfast we sent out our clothes to be pressed, got our wash ready, which by the way we had to take to the hotel surchees(?) about 4. And had a swim in the lake of Thun(?). It was rather cold but fine. Thayer dove off the [word crossed out and unreadable] roof. After lunch at 12:30 we sat round and talked things over while it poured outside. About 4 it cleared off and we 4 boys with Caroline walked to Thun(?), got some money, which we needed badly, bought some postals and candy and got back for dinner at 7:30. After d. there was a concert at the hotel but we spent most of the time at our rooms, writing to B.B. [unreadable symbol] Co. and playing the organ. Thayer wrote till after 1. There was a dandy rainbow at 1:30.

Tuesday, August 10th

Oberhofen. [Berne(?)]

Breakfast at 9:30. Swim at 11. Corking good swim too. We had our lunches put up and took the 12:04 boat to Lherzhjin(?) where we caught the train to Berne, arriving at 1:15. It was market day and we walked about the streets watching the people selling their wares. We bought 1,000 grams of cherries. We then went to the clock tower and saw the hour of 2 struck, etc. Then Dale bought a pair of boots and we all got rucksacks. Walked to the bear garden and spent an hour there. Got home by the same way in time for dinner. In the evening there was a dance at the hotel.

Wednesday, August 11th

Oberhofen [Stodehorn(?)]

Had to get up this A.M. in time to catch the 8:29 boat for Spiez(?) Caroline was with us. We took our lunch along in a rucksack and took turns carrying it. Had to wait an hour in Spiez(?) and then took the train to Erlenbach(?) and started out to climb the Stodehorn(?). It was cloudy, but hot, and we had to climb up a very steep rock path. However, for a while we followed along a fine mountain stream. After climbing about ½ or 2/3 way up we ran into the clouds and for the rest of the way up we could not see more than 25 yds. away. About 10 min. from the top we came to a little hut where we went in to eat lunch. They gave us some hot tea that was great because we had been cold since striking the clouds. After eating our lunch we started on the last steep climb for the top, arriving at 2:10. It had taken us 3½ hours to ascend. We got no view from the top owing to the clouds. After spending an hour on the top resting we started to descend by a different path. It was very steep but great fun. Part of the way we had a guide. When we were only a short distance from the top we came out of the clouds. The sun was very hot and between sweat and mud we were pretty dirty. Further on we came to some steep pastures down which it was easier to slide than anything else. We took many tumbles and our clothes were a sight at the bottom. It took us 1¾ hrs. to descend. From the bottom we walked 5 miles cross country to Thun(?). In all we walked 12 miles. We caught the 6:44 boat from Sherzbjen(?) after a strenuous sprint at the [word crossed out and unreadable] end. Got back in time to change for dinner though I had to wear my brown shoes which had just been mended. In the evening a fellow from Geneva   read poems It was bum. He only got 5 francs


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 7 – 8

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
View of Murren, Switzerland

View of Mürren

Saturday, August 7th

Lucerne, Interlaken(?), Mürren(?)

After eating breakfast and paying our bill at the Eden we took the 9:18 train for Interlaken(?). We had to go 1st class and had a great time. It was a very pretty ride. Part of the time we were on a cog R.R. right over the Brunig(?) pass. We then descended to Brienz(?) and took the steamer there across the lake to Interlaken(?). We ate the lunch we had brought from Lucerne on the boat. At Interlaken(?) we changed into Lauterbrunnen(?) train and went up to that town on the cog R.R. All the way up we got a beautiful view of the Jungfrau(?) at the head of the valley. At Lauterbrunnen(?) we visited the great falls where the water leaps over a crag 380 ft. high. From Interlaken(?) we went up the steepest R.R. in the world and the longest cable road. The maximum grade is 64½ ft. in 100 and the average is 55. From the top of the funicular(?) we took an electric tram to the little village of Mürren(?), situated on the side of a steep mt. 5,000 ft. high. We put up at the Grand Hotel and Kurhaus(?), getting there by a little horse tram that cost 30cts. apiece. We had wonderful rooms with a splendid view of the three great mts. the Jungfrau(?), the Eiger(?) and the Monch. A castle further on the right was the beautiful Breithorn(?). Mürren has one of the finest views in Switzerland and we enjoyed the place immensely. After dinner we bought postals, looked through the telescope, and watched the dance.

Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen - over 300 m (1000 ft) tall

Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen – over 300 m (1000 ft) tall

Sunday, August 8th

Murren, Grindelwald, Oberhifen(?)

Aunt Amy got us up early to look at the sunrise on the mts. It was certainly ^beautiful. Those 3 mts. are corkers. After breakfast we got packed up and left Mürren at 10:05 on the tram. We descended to Lauterbrunnen(?) on the funicular(?), and then took another cog road, this time steam up to Scheidegg(?), where the Jungfrau bahn starts. The views of the mts. from the R.R. were superb, and at Scheidegg(?), 7,000 ft. we were very near the great 3 mts. We had lunch at the R.R. restaurant  at Scheidegg(?). It was very poor. We left Scheidegg(?) at 1:05 and descended to Grindelwald, having all the time a splendid view of the Eiger and Wetterhorn. At Grindelwald we hired two carriages and rode out to see the upper glacier on the Wetterhorn. It was great. We went into the ice grotto there, 100 yds, into the solid ice. The color there was ghastly. Leaving Grindelwald at 4:35 we got back to Interlaken at 5:48. We had to change there and go across the town to the boat landing. Thayer and Dale stayed to get the Black Maria which we had left at Interlaken and the rest of us took the 6:12 boat, arriving at Oberhofen at 7:12. We ate supper just as we were. It is a very swell place. Thayer and Dale arrived with the luggage on the next boat. Uncle S., Aunt Amy, and Caroline have rooms at the hotel with a fine view of the big 3, Abe and Dale at the villa below, and Thayer and I in the village. Ours are great.


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 6

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

East side of Mt. Pilatus

Friday, August 6th

Lucerne, [Mt. Pilatus]

This morning Thayer, Abe, Dale and I got up early and had breakfast at 7 ready to start on the 7:43 train to Mt. Pilatus. It was so cloudy however, that we decided it would be no use to start so we settled down to write letters. It was very cloudy and looked like rain. At about 8:45 we got a message saying that the top of the mountain was above the clouds and there was a wonderful view of the Burnese(?) Alps. We decided to go at once and hustled for the 9:18 train. The others were to follow at (:52. We bought 3rd class tickets but found out that the 9:18 train was only a 1st class train so we had to pay extra. After ½ hrs. ride we got to Aplnachstad(?) where both the railroad and the footpath goes up the mountain. We met an Englishman there who said it took him 5hrs. to climb the mountain and told us to buy alpine staffs(?). We started up the mountain at 9:50. About half way up we ran into a bank of clouds. When we were about ¾ the way up we came out of the clouds and got a superb view of snow capped peaks. We all thought that even if we didn’t see any more, that one view would more than repay us for the climb. After an hour more hard climb up steep rocks we arrived at the top, 2 hours before the others expected us. They had gone up on the funicular R.R. We arrived on the top at 12:48, just 3 hours from Alpnachstad(?). It was a great climb and fairly steep in parts. We all took turns carrying the lunch. We ate lunch on top and got a wonderful view of mountain peaks sticking up out of a great ocean of clouds. It was truly wonderful. Later the clouds broke up and we got a view of the valleys and villages and lakes. We walked up on to the higher peak, over 7,000 ft. Dale left a little memorial here. The ladies Uncle Sam and Dale went down on the 4:10 train and the rest of us ran. We beat the train, coming down in 1¼ hrs. Got back to Lucerne and had a fine bath in the lake. The water was cold but great. After supper, we met Mr. Stackpole and Mr. Walton and then walked out on the streets

The tallest summit of Mt. Pilatus is called Tomlishorn, and measures at 2,128 m (6,982 ft) tall. There are a number of other summits, the most well-known of which is Esel, as the Pilatus railway ends just below there. In the month of August, when John R. Abbot climbed, the daily mean temperature is about 7.8°C (46°F).


View from Mt. Pilatus in August


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 5

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
Lake Lucerne, c.1909

Lake Lucerne, c.1909


General view of Goschenen from the St. Gotthard Railway, c.1890-1900

Thursday, August 5th

Lucerne, [Axenstrassa]

After a corking breakfast at the Eden House which consisted mostly of honey, we all went down to the station pier and went on board the boat for Brunnen(?). On the boat we met the Morton’s and their party. The boat left at 10 and after 1½ hrs. ride up the beautiful Lake of the Lucerne we arrived at Brunnen. There we took the train on the St. Gotthard R.R. and rode to Göschenen(?), a little mountain village over 3,000 ft. high at the mouth of the St. Gotthard(?) tunnel, 9 miles long. From Brunnen to Göschenen(?) the ride was perfectly wonderful. It is considered the most magnificent and most wonderful railroad in the world. It is like the Black Forest R.R. only on a much larger scale and with more beautiful scenery. There were snow capped mountains on both sides of us. At one place we could look down and see two different levels of track that we had been over below us. At Göschenen(?) we had a lovely view of snow capped mountains. We stayed at Göschenen(?) ½ hr. and then took the train back to Fluellen(?). From there we walked along the beautiful Axenstrassa (the men did and Caroline, while the rest rode) to Lisicon(?), where we took the train back to Lucerne, arriving at 6:30. In the evening we took a walk about the Town, and bought postals

Axenstrasse (Axenstrassa in transcription), c. 1904

Axenstrasse (Axenstrassa in transcription), c. 1904


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 3 – 4

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Heidelberg Castle

Tuesday, August 3

Mainz(?), Heidelberg(?)

We got up about 7:15 this morning so as to catch the 9 o’clock train for Heidelberg. Our breakfast was served to us so slowly that we didn’t have time to finish. We got to Darmstadt(?) at 9:57 and changed there to the express for Heidelberg. We had to pay extra for going on the express and then we didnt get a seat. After a very pretty ride we arrived in Heidelberg at 11:08 and went immediately to the Grand Hotel. We got the prize apartments with the only bathroom in the hotel. Walked down the Hauptstrassa(?) and had a light lunch. After lunch we took the funicular(?) railway up to the Heidelberg Castle. The railway is 60% grade most of the way. We went all over the castle, alow and aloft. The castle is on a side hill with a splendid view of Heidelberg and the R. Necker(?). It is the largest and, I believe, the finest ruined castle in the world. We saw the two great wine turns(?) in the cellar, one holding 10,000 gallons and the other 49,000. We then went up to the Königsberg(?) where we got a most wonderful view of the Necker(?) and Rhine valleys. Uncle S. and I went up on the funicular(?) R.R. while the rest walked, and we all walked down. A very steep descent. Listened to the band at the castle a few minutes. Had dinner at the hotel and all took a bath in the evening.

Black Forest Train

View of the Black Forest from Cologne-Mainz train

Wednesday, August 4th

Heidelberg, Lucerne

We got up early had breakfast and took the 7:58 train for Lucerne. We had almost a whole car to ourselves all the way. At Offenburg we branched off and went through the Black Forest. It was the most beautiful train ride I ever had. Besides being very beautiful the railroad is a marvel of engineering. It is a very steady up hill grade to the top, through tunnels, over viaducts. There are two great loops where you can look down from above and see the tracks you have just passed over. It was a wonderful ride. After passing the summit we went down through the Danube valley, following that river for many miles We had a good basket lunch with wine at Villigen(?) at 12. We reached Singen(?) about 1 and changed there to the Lucerne train. Passed through Lhaffanser(?) and a few minutes later we saw the massive and beautiful falls of the Rhine. We got to Zurich about 2:45 and left 20 min. later. After a fine ride with the mountains in the distance and Zurich Lake and the Lake of Zug(?) in the foreground, we arrived at Lucerne at 4:30. Aunt Amy, Caroline, and Mr. Morton after the greetings we took a cab to the Pension(?) Eden. We got three good rooms in the villa and take our meals in the pension. Before dinner we walked down and saw the famous “Lion of Lucerne.” It is surely a wonderful monument After dinner we started out about 8:30 to make a call on the Mortons who had rooms in the pension a little further up the hill. It took us an hour to get there, but when we did we had a nice call on Mr. and Mrs. Morton and they decided to accompany us on the morrow either to the Axenstrassa(?) or up Pilatus.


Lake Zug


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 2

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
Zeppelin Airship

Graf von Zeppelin’s LZ-2 at Lake Constance, 1906

Monday, August 2*

Cologne, Rhine, Mainz(?)

Got up this morning at 6:30 and packed up. Uncle S. and Thayer went to the post office before breakfast but got no mail. Had breakfast at 7:30 and went down to the boat with our baggage on the 8 o’clock bus. The boat started out at 8:45 on its long journey up the Rhine. From Cologne to Bonn(?), the scenery was nothing unusual but from Bonn to Binghn(?) it was grand. I should think we saw fifty castles, some rebuilt and fixed up, others in ruins. The two best ruins were the Drakenfels(?) and the Reinstein(?) Castle, although [word crossed out and unreadable] every turn of the boat river brought out some new beauty, usually an old castle on a rocky cliff. The best scenery was from Cobbenty(?) to Bignhn(?), past the Loreli etc. At Cobbenty(?) we were treated to a wonderful sight in the form of Count Zeppelin’s air-ship about a mile away going towards Cologne. Dale took several pictures of it there. Just after Cobbenty(?) we ran into a big thunder storm and another at Bingen(?). At Bingen(?) we again saw the air-ship. She came up behind us, passed directly over the boat and after maneuvering for an hour within a ½ mile of us and then went off towards Frankfort It was a great sight and it was a piece of the greatest luck for us to see here. We could hear the whir of the propellers when she went over us. The ride from Bingen(?) to Mainz(?) was not as interesting as before but it was by no means dull. We got to Mainz(?) at 9 P.M. Went from the boat landing to the station on a tram and put up at the Central Hotel opposite the station. By the way we had dinner and supper on the boat. The meals were O.K. but our waiter was a robber. It was a red-letter day for us, seeing Zepplin’s airship besides the beautiful Rhine.

The first time a Zeppelin airship (designated LZ 1) flew was on July 2, 1900, over Lake Constance. The flight lasted twenty minutes. Construction of LZ 2 began in April 1905, and it made its first and only flight on January 17, 1906. Because of failures in both engines, the airship was at the mercy of the wind and was finally brought down near Kisslegg, Germany, where it was dismantled. Work on LZ 3 began in May 1906, and it made two successful flights, attaining in 1907 a top speed of 36 miles per hour. Because  of the success of LZ 3, the government wanted to buy an airship, but only if the airship made a successful 24-hour trial flight. LZ 4 was constructed immediately, as a 24-hour flight was outside of the capabilities of the LZ 3. LZ 4 first flew on June 20, 1908, but was soon destroyed by a fire. As a replacement for LZ 4, which was supposed to go into military service, LZ 5 was built and accepted into the Army. However, LZ 5 was carried away from its moorings and crashed on April 25, 1910. Following the crash, a scheme was devised to establish a passenger carrying system with Zeppelin airships; until 1914, the German Aviation Association transported passengers in airships without incident.


My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: July 31 – August 1

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Aerial view of Edam’s famous Cheese Market in 1932

Saturday, July 31

Volendam, Amsterdam, Cologne

All slept well last night in feather beds. After breakfast at the hotel we walked about the town till 10:25. During the night a lot of vessels had come in, and in the morning there were over 300 Dutch fishing vessels in the little harbor. They were crowded together 10 deep. It was a great sight. All the men were in too, and the town was full of Dutch costumes. We left on the steam tram(?) for Edam at 10:25. We lost the Bedcher(?) of Holland and Thayer went back to the hotel for it and missed the tram. He walked to Edam and met us there. At Edam we saw the cheese market. It was most interesting. We left Edam at 12.05 and had lunch at Amsterdam. After lunch did a lot of errands. I bought a soap box, a pencil, and some post cards. Then went to the station and got our baggage. Got aboard the train at 5:20 with our baggage, and started off. When the conductor came through he told Thayer (in German) that our tickets were no good for this railroad till we struck Germany. After a great fight we had to pay 75¢ apiece. The guard at Amsterdam was to blame. We should have gone by another R.R. Anyway it was good fun. We bought a little lunch Cranenburg(?) where we passed through the customs. Big times. Got to Cologne at 11:35 after a very amusing ride.

Sunday, August 1


Slept till 9:30 this morning in our big room and had breakfast at 10:30. After breakfast we visited the post office and got our mail. Then we went into a postal card shop and bought postals of Cologne and the Rhine to Mainz(?). Had a great eight course dinner at the Continental Hotel and then visited the Cologne cathedral, a most wonderful building. 515 ft. high. Hired a victoria for 2 hours at 6 marks and drove all round the city. Had supper at a good German restaurant. Walked round a bit, sent a telegram to Mainz(?) and wrote letters.

The weigh house in Edam was built in 1778 and is still operational today. For years before Edam cheese began to be made in factories, cheese markets were held in Jan van Nieuwenhuizen Square. Farmers would transport their cheeses to market on barrows, and once there, the cheeses would be brought to the weigh house. In the weigh house, the cheeses would be weighed, sampled, and priced depending on the quality. Nowadays, in Edam, a reenactment of a traditional cheese market is held every Wednesday in July and August.


Cheese Market in Edam