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My Trip Abroad 1909: John Radford Abbot’s Diary: August 28 – 29

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016
Drawing of a boat on Lac Leman, which is the French name for Lake Geneva, by John Radford Abbot

Drawing of a boat on Lac Leman, which is the French name for Lake Geneva, by John Radford Abbot

Saturday, August 28

Chamonix, Geneva

Got up early this morning and packed up as much as possible before breakfast. At 8 o’clock we began the ascent of the Brévent(?) (8,000). It is very much like Pilatus a little steeper perhaps The clouds were heavy all around but every little while we would get a splendid view of Mt. Blanc from the path through the rifts in the clouds. We got our last good view at the Planpraz(?), about 2/3 of the way up. Beyond the path got steeper and the last 100 yds. was very steep with steps cut in the rock and iron railing. We got to the top at 10:25 just 2½ hours from Chamonix The top was in the clouds and we got no view at all although we waited till 11:05 before descending. However the views we got lower down more than repaid the climb. The descent via short cuts was easy and took us only 1 hour and 20m. We got lunch at the hotel, paid our bill and skipped for the [word crossed out and unreadable] 2:16 train (electric) to St. Gervais. There we changed into the P.L.M. for Geneva. Our train was the slowest I ever saw. We didnt get to Geneva till 7. We went right to the Post Office but found it closed because of the change of time in Geneva, 55m. We then went to the Hotel Monopole(?), got rooms and supper. In the evening we looked up trams for Paris at the station. And then walked about the city.

Sunday, August 29

Geneva, Montreux

Started out after breakfast to do the town. Took a walk along the lake front to the old quarter of the town where we stepped into the old 10th century cathedral. Then we walked down past the University building and went into the art gallery for a few moments. We then got a good lunch at the restaurant de la Poste and took the 1:25 boat for Montreux. Beautiful ride down the lake. We reached montreux at about 6 and made for the hotel de la Gare (good). Took a walk before dinner and another one after to see the moon on the lake and then wrote letters.

View of Lake Geneva from Montreux

View of Lake Geneva from Montreux